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Looking Back
Spraymate was born when Andre du Plessis and Gordon Howell left the spray paint company they worked for when it was bought by a big corporation. After being in the industry for over 16 years, they decided to use their collective experience and knowledge built up over decades in the hardware industry, to create a new brand of spray paint and compete in the market. The new entrepreneurs would manufacture Spray Mate at night, load up their vehicles, and sell out of their cars during the day. Based on the trust and relationship that Gordon and Andre had with their customers, they were able to grow the business from strength to strength. Their ethos was always C.A.R.E. – Customers Are Really Everything.
"Their ethos was always C.A.R.E. – Customers Are Really Everything!"
Years and years of hard work paid off, and now in 2010, 21 years later, Spraymate employs 60 people, has the latest state of the art machinery, has built its own premises operating out of 4,000 square meters, and has its own fleet of trucks and a distribution network country wide. The design of the Spraymate cans is unique and modern, and the custom designed cans for each different product, makes it easily identifiable on their well designed display stands in the stores. They call it the Cliffy can. Spraymate has always analyzed the needs of the end users and reacted accordingly by developing new exciting products and colours to fit in with modern, fresh and unique design styles and trends. Spraymate is a world of colour magic and inspires creativity.
Our new additions to the Spraymate stable:
1. Spraymate Pastellic spray paint – an exciting range of pastel-metallic spray paint which is a first for a the local market. Pastellic paint is manufactured using aluminum flake, and the depth of glitter and velvet finish will be achieved by the choice of one of the two primers available.
2. Spraymate Appliance spray paint – is an all time first in South Africa!! It is a high coverage spray paint in three variants of silver, developed to revamp old appliances and modernize kitchens saving thousands by re spraying existing appliances rather than buying new ones.
3. Sandblast spray – an exciting range of sprays in 3 colours which is used to decorate glass and to stencil patterns on Sliding doors and windows.