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Social Responsibility
As you already or should know, the Carbon Footprint is a total set of greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere on a daily bases. Greenhouse gases can be emitted through production, fuels, buildings and many types of services. With regards to aerosol manufacturing, Spraymate has taken all precautions possible to reduce the effects on global warming.
How can we help?
  • Spraymate's high coverage formula eliminates the process of repeated coats on any applications, therefor less substances are emitted into the atmosphere
  • Spraymate contains only compliant and user-friendly chemicals
  • Spraymate uses only Dymethel Ether gas, which is completely ozone friendly
  • After life aerosol cans are totally recyclable, again and again
  • Spraymate is proud members of the Aerosol Manufacturers Association (AMA) and comply with their Code of Practice as set out by them.
  • Remember, Always keep it green… we are covering you