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SPRAYMATE fast drying aerosol spray paint is suitable for spray painting: wood, metal, stone and various types of plastics. It is a high covering, fast drying, durable lacquer that is resistant to most weather conditions. It can be used for household, decorative and industrial applications. Before applying SPRAYMATE fast drying spray paint, always use the correct primer and consult the primer guide for best results.

Spraymate is formulated with a rust inhibitor and can be used for both interior and exterior purposes and is durable enough to maintain the rich, deep colour of the spray paint. The range consists of 32 Standard colours.
IMPORTANT: Before applying Spraymate fast drying spray paint, it is always advisable to use the relevant Spraymate® primer for the application, refer to the spray mate primer guide.
Warning: On painted surfaces, first establish what paint is on the surface by spraying a small test patch. If it is enamel paint, the thinners in the spray paint could react with the enamel.
Handy hint's for best results:
  • • Never try to cover in one coat but rather apply a light coat with a steady build up to the final coat.
  • • Be sure that the coats are dry between coats and the ideal spraying distance is between 25cm and 30cm.
  • • Apply with long steady strokes and cover the application completely.
(30 Colours)
NOTE: Due to screen resolutions and colour settings, the colour charts displayed on this website may not be 100% accurate.