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Spraymate® Universal Tinters are used to tint white PVA, Enamel and acrylic paint and is available in many colours. They are packed in 50ml and 100ml clear plastic bottles, and are also available in 1 litre bottles on request.
Warning: Spraymate universal tinters will never tint white paint to a dark colour but will tint the white paint to a pastel colour. To obtain a dark colour, one must start with a base toner.
Handy hint's for best results:
White paint contains amongst other ingredients, a white pigment called titanium tioxide which is the strongest pigment of all the colours. Titanium tioxide is the most expensive ingredient in any white paint, therefore, the cheaper the white paint, the less titanium it contains. This results in Spraymate universal tinters giving different shades of colours in various qualities of paints, so the cheaper the quality of paint - the darker it will colour, and the more expensive the quality of paint, because of it's high titanium content - the lighter it will colour.
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